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November 27, 2023 

My bridal bouquet was fake!

AND all the flowers at our wedding were fake! 

You can click the underlined links to see the products we used throughout this blog! 


We originally decided to use faux flowers to save money... and we just love to diy! But now I have the option to keep my bridal bouquet in a cute vase in my music room, which is a beautiful thing!


I also hated the idea of throwing away flowers after only using them for a few hours! Felt like a waste!


So... I built this bouquet using the most realistic flowers I could find!


No one knew it was fake!!!!! The flowers even feel real!

Let's talk price!

I bought the flowers at Micheal’s when they had their "spring flower" sale on, so I got the flowers for 70% off!

In total… it cost me $52.95 to make my bridal bouquet (including taxes and floral tape)!


A real bridal bouquet can run around $250, and of course... you have to throw it out after! Unless... you want to go through the effort to preserve it or use it for art, which is definitely possible! 

Hot tip to save money!

Shop at Micheal's and other craft stores when they have sales on floral! Which usually happens at the end of each season (spring, summer, fall).

Spring may have the most "bridal worthy" florals, but this all depends on what your colour scheme is!

Total Cost:

Overall for faux floral at our wedding, we spent $184 USD total!

That included all the flowers for the centre pieces, boutonnières, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, floral tape all supplies etc!

We went on to sell most of these flowers after the wedding and made back a bulk of our money! 

**Reasons to go with faux floral:


-You can save money! (if you do all the arrangements yourself)

-It leaves you the option to sell the flowers afterwards, cutting your overall costs even further!


-You don’t have to worry about water in the vases which can complicate set up and tear down! It is SO MUCH EASIER without water!!!


-Annnnnd you don’t have to worry about flowers dying, breaking or drooping during the long day, finding a fridge to store them in etc.


**How I did it:


-Flowers: A white rose, white lilies (which were in both my Nana and my Moms bridal bouquets when they got married 🥹), eucalyptus, and babies breath!

-Floral tape

-Jute Twine

-Gorilla Glue (super glue)


I arranged the flowers, wrapped the stems tightly with floral tape, cut off extra leaves (which made it feel cluttered, then trimmed the ends and then wrapped the floral tape with jute twine!


I wrapped the just twine under itself several times to ensure it wouldn't untangle! Then used a drop of gorilla glue to secure the rope! 


The final product was so pretty! 

Centre Piece Flowers

We opted for simple!


After waiting 4 years to get married (due to covid), we really realized what matters in life!!! It's the gathering of people you love, the food, the drinks, the speeches etc.... not the decor. 

Not many people will remember the decor anyways!

So.... go for simple to save you money, time and stress! 

After all, simple is classy! 

We used white Gerbera daises in clear wine bottles!


I wrapped a bow around the neck of the bottle using the jute twine and voila... done! 

We paired the flowers with a battery powered lantern on each table! (which we LOVE! We kept a bunch for around our house, and re sold the rest)

Our table numbers were wood! I painted them white and wrapped them with the same Jute Twine!

Once I finished making the centre pieces, I packed them into big plastic totes (45 gallon with snap lids and a wheel) and used labels to label each tote.


We tucked this away until wedding week and checked decor off our list! 

When wedding week rolled around, I pulled the plastic totes out and everything was as I left it!


So easy!

I took photos of how I wanted things set up, printed it and set the photos inside the tote.

Our day of wedding coordinator (or a friend if you didn't hire a day of coordinator) just pulled everything out and set it up according to my photos! Again, easy peasy! 

Other Floral

The boutonnières were from Lings, ordered through Amazon! 

They were babies breath and already wrapped with Jute Twine which saved me some time! 

The bridesmaid bouquets were babies breath from Micheal's during their 75% off spring floral sale! They came in pre-made bunches! I wrapped them with Jute Twine the same way I did my bridal bouquet! 

Hot tip!!!!

If your faux flowers are shedding (like babies breath often does)... Buy the largest, cheapest hair spray you can find... and spray your faux flowers with hair spray! 

This worked beautifully for my bridesmaid bouquets! 

Well... that's it! Message me with questions! 


I highly recommend you consider diy floral and a diy bridal bouquet not only to save money, but also for a nice personal touch! ❤️


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Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 8.44.21 AM.png
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