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Leanne Pearson is full of bad jokes. Some of them are funny, but most of them aren't. Some people call them "Leanne jokes".

If you have ever seen a Leanne Pearson show, you know full well that her stage banter will have you laughing a little too hard. Her band wishes they had a mute pedal. They wish they could mute her microphone sometimes. But they can't. So here we are, with a dedicated page on her website to share all things LP.

Check out more ridiculousness on Leanne's social media.

Also, check out her photography page on Instagram. She pairs her love for photography and bad jokes all in one place!

Here are some notable videos and quotes from her friends and family. Enjoy!



–The Washington Post

“Leanne Pearson is more fun than a barrel of monkeys drinkin' Starbucks playin' with bubble wrap!”   

–Jason McCoy, Country Music Rockstar

“Leanne Pearson is to comedy what sandpaper is to massage therapy”

-The BossLady, Leanne Cater, Morning host Country 93.5 Kingston 

“I love Leanne’s free spirit and kindness to others. I love her corny dad jokes! She makes me laugh everyday! We are so thankful to have her join our family!”

-Kim, Leanne’s mother-in-law

Leanne talks about how much she tells bad jokes way more than she actually tells bad jokes." 

- Ken, Leanne's friend

“Sometimes, I pretend I don't know her.”   

–Jane, Leanne's Mom 

“Watching Leanne tell jokes on stage is like a bad car accident. You want to look away, but you can’t”

-Nishanna, Leanne’s Friend

"Leanne “dad joke” Pearson. Leanne once told a joke so bad at soundcheck the sound guy called in sick for the show..." 

-Josh Ayers, Leanne's Drummer


-Aleta, Leanne's Cousin

“Awful jokes! But Leanne is so funny because the jokes are so bad!” -Sami Haddad, Owner and Creator of MyTStrap and Metabolik Fitness

“There’s never a dull moment with Leanne!”

-Simmie, Leanne’s Neighbour 

“The last time Leanne Pearson told me a joke I asked her to make sure to get back to me the moment she understands funny! Haven't heard from her in years.”

-Johny Shandruk, Leanne’s Sound Technician 

I don’t get it.”

-Stephen Arundell, Leanne's Guitar Player

"I’ve had the pleasure of watching Leanne grow up. I’ve enjoyed many hours watching her from the crowd as she is on stage. I am here to answer everyone’s burning question.....”Who is that one person in the audience laughing at all her horrible jokes?”.....Hi! It’s me......"

-Leanne #2, Leanne's friend. Not made up. Her name is actually also Leanne 

“Leanne is always laughing and telling jokes. She doesn’t take life too seriously! I think we can all learn something from Leanne!” -Anonymous

“(After hearing the joke)... “I’m still waiting for the joke”

-Jennifer, Leanne's sister

“Leanne didn’t get those bad Dad jokes from me.”

-John, Leanne’s Dad

Doing the cinnamon challenge then trying to whistle the devil went down to Georgia is more funny than Leanne Pearson’s jokes" 

-Mucha Bee, Leanne's Bass Player

“Meow” -Winnie, Leanne's Cat

“Leanne's bad jokes have rubbed off on me, and now I tell bad jokes.”   

–Jordan, Leanne's Husband

I’ve since come to learn that Leanne is a beast fuelled by human laughter, and will stop at nothing to incite giggles from anyone who knowingly or unwittingly crosses her path. I made the mistake of chuckling at one of her subpar anecdotes shortly after I met her, and she demonstrated that her commitment to a “joke” is unparalleled. Eight years later, she’s still trying to get me with the same material.


If you encounter Leanne Pearson in the wild, avoid making eye contact at all costs, and above all, DO NOT engage."

–Scotty Kipfer, Artist, Songwriter

Fence Jumping Fail

Pregnancy Outfit Struggles

Green Thumb

Pearson Pre Game Broadcast (Jets VS Preds)

The Best Of Property Brothers

The Baby Wrap Carrier Video

The Stroller Video

Halloween Decorations

Pumpkin Carving with Leanne and Jordan

Landscaping Shenanigans with Leanne and Jordan

First Time Putting On Fake Eye Lashes Unsupervised

The Spoon Video

Beat Box Challenge with JoJo Mason

The Simba Video

Bartender Leanne FAIL

Wine Glass Challenge


Around A Fern with Brian Cook

Around A Fern with Brian Cook

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