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May 10, 2024 


What makes a good husband? His childhood has a lot to do with it, and his lifelong interactions with his Mom. “The Way He Was Raised” is a thank you song to a mother-in-law for raising her son into a good man. It’s an untraditional Mother’s Day song dedication from a daughter-in-law to her mother-in-law.


I wrote this for Jordan’s beautiful Momma who is just the sweetest person in the world! I’m so grateful for her ❤️


🎶 Song written by me

🎶 Produced with Ryan Rossebo

🎶 Mastered by David Veslocki

About the video:

This music video might be one of my favourites! It was so fun to come up with the concept for this video and see it all come together! I love writing songs and telling a story through music! Then turning it all into a music video is the icing on top! 


This video follows a young boy growing up from his mother’s perspective. We watch the boy grow and learn through her eyes. We see him as a newborn baby all the way until he is 16 learning to drive, and then receiving his college acceptance letter. Finally, we see his mom helping him getting ready for his wedding, then having their mother-son dance.

My son Levi is featured in the video! And near the end we reveal that the young boy you are watching grow up is actually Jordan (my husband)! 

Watch the music video here!

Listen or download the song here!


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