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October 13, 2017 

The story behind the sequel, “Kiss Me Already”…


The idea to create a sequel video did not come into fruition until after the video for “I Wanna Be More” was complete and ready to go live!! Crazy... I know!


I was creating a short teaser video for “I Wanna Be More”. After deciding that the teaser video would be made out of clips from the picnic scenes, I started to drag my favorite shots into my editing software. Once all my favorite shots were selected I realized I had 3 minutes and 30 seconds of amazing footage.


Light bulb!


I looked through my forthcoming album thinking there must be a song that suits the vibe of these shots… After listening to only 10 seconds of “Kiss Me Already”... it was perfect... I dragged it into the editing software and hit play… MAGIC!


I then called Karl, the video director, and talked a million miles a minute explaining my brilliant idea.


First he said... “What have you been drinking?”

I said loudly... “TEA!!!!!”


Then luckily he thought it was a genius idea! We put our heads together and came up with a great concept! The song was perfect for the idea!



The ending of "I Wanna Be More" included more picnic scenes than what exists in the video at the moment. There was a kiss at the end of the video which was removed once we decided to chase this new concept! 

This idea pushed the release date of "I Wanna Be More" back a few weeks, to give us time to sort it all out! Boy oh boy was it worth it!

We added "To be continued..." at the end of "I Wanna Be More" BEFORE even shooting the sequel! BALLSY! I'm so thankful to be working with a video director who was willing to take a risk with me!

And thank you guys for being just as excited as I was! GROUP HUG!

Click here to watch the sequel video! ​



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