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March 14, 2018 


​You guys!!! HUGE NEWS! The Country Network just added the music video for “I Wanna Be More”!!!!!!!!!!! 

I can’t contain my excitement, I just keep randomly clapping and screaming like a crazy person!!!!!

TCN covers over 51 markets and over 40 million households!!!!! THAT’S MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!! Oh em gee! 60 second dance party!!!!

Click one of the buttons above to watch my reaction to seeing the video debut...

It was played between Brett Eldredge and Cole Swindell!!

***Warning: you should grab yourself a Kleenex or two!

Ways to watch TCN: 
If you don’t get the station, you can watch it on ROKU, on smart TVs manufactured by Hitachi and Panasonic, orrrr live online at the following link:

"TCN, The Country Network is an American television network that specializes in broadcasting country music videos and original music based content. It's playlist of videos extends from the 1980s through the present day."



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