COVID While 37.5 Weeks Pregnant

I have Lyme Disease. But it took seeing so many specialists, endless tests, spending so much time in hospitals and doctors offices.


I debated sharing my diagnosis publicly because Lyme Disease is a very controversial thing in the Medical Field. But that's exactly why I need to share my story! If I can help spread awareness and prevent even one person from going through what I've gone through, then that is worth it to me!


Lyme Disease hasn't stopped me from moving forward and staying positive! Of course it's been hard, keeping the faith has been a battle some days. But music really is a therapy and I'm so so thankful to have music to turn to!!


No disease, disability or challenge can define a person. I refuse to let my health struggles bring me down, defeat me or define me. I had a chance to fight! And boy did I fight hard! Your body can be such a mystery when you are sick. I am realizing that my body is stronger than I am sometimes, and my body is teaching me how to be stronger!


Life is unfair sometimes, but I feel grateful to have had a chance to fight. And I will continue to fight... I hope that after reading this you decide you want to fight too. Whatever it is you are going through, whatever your struggle is, whatever you are battling... choose to be a fighter, choose to be a warrior.


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!”

That is one of my absolute favourite quotes!!!


Using #LPTipTuesday to encourage you guys to stay positive, healthy and active has helped me get through some tough times. All your encouragement and support has not gone unnoticed! You have helped me get through some tough days without even knowing it!


All the thank you messages you send me about how much I inspire you and all the kind comments are so so appreciated!!!! Thank YOU!!!!


Keep encouraging each other, spread love and positivity... because you never know who may silently be needing it! GROUP HUG!


So let me leave you with this... Lyme Disease is real. It's no joke. Take precautions to prevent it and check yourself for ticks... like Brad Paisley would say!! And if you do get bit by a tick, early diagnosis is so so important!!


And always, always move through life with gratitude and positivity! Because you never know when your life could change!


Thanks for your ongoing support, you guys are incredible!