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January 28, 2022 


It’s been a rough time and we are honestly surprised we even made it through!! But without each other and without the help of the many nurses and doctors during this very scary labour and delivery… we wouldn’t have been able to do it! One day we would be happy to tell you all about it!


This last month and this labour and delivery, (covid, shingles etc) and probably becoming parents… has changed Jordan and I for the better! We are emotional (and physical) messes right now as we process how grateful and thankful we are! 


We are home from the hospital finally! I wasn’t doing well enough to leave until the 5 day mark. But things are looking up now and we are so happy to be home!


In short, my water broke… no contractions for over 12 hours. The baby was eventually delivered via emergency C-section after over 25 hours (from the point of induction) of horrible terrifying labour. Yikes! But here we are with a cute little man!


Unfortunately due to the circumstances Jordan and I weren’t there to hear his first cry (which is a lyric in Little Man “I can’t wait to hear your first cry”) 😢 but one of the nurses offered to take my phone from Jordan into the OR and take a picture of him immediately when he came out (which you’ll see here). The nurse didn’t know, but it was a Live Photo and by doing so… she allowed us to hear his first cry!!!! Ekkk it makes me cry thinking about it!! ❤️


It took me 2 full days until I had the strength to actually hold him and see his face (with the help of an inclined hospital bed and a bunch of pillows!!!) And I still can’t pick the little man up just yet, but I can’t wait to! We were discharged Tuesday morning! And with the help of my Mom and Dad the transition was great!!! They are both so amazing and we couldn’t do any of this without them ❤️


Now onto the most exciting part! And I cry happy tears as I type this!!!! I have so much love in my heart right now I feel like it could explode 😍


We would LOVE to introduce you to our healthy baby boy! We fought so hard to bring this little man into the world!!! We have been waiting for this moment for days now! Well technically 9 months 🤪


We are so excited to tell you his name and why we chose it! And send you an adorable picture of his squishy face!


Drum roll….


Meet Levi Pearson Riley


Born at 4:43pm on January 22 2022 (01-22-22)


Weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 7oz and measuring 21”


This is our story behind the name…


We struggled with announcing the name because we were trying to figure out his middle name. We didn’t know if it was strange for Levi to have my last name as a middle name. But it just felt so perfect to us the more we said it and got to know him over the last few days in the hospital!!


Now our baby boy, the one we fought so hard to bring into this world happy and healthy, has a piece of both of us! Jordan’s last name and my last name, without a hyphenation! 


Levi has so much meaning for us and we have loved it since the moment we found out we were pregnant! After all… I’m a cheesy songwriter 🤪 so here’s the story…


Levi means: “Joined in harmony”

Our Property Brothers episode was called: Living In Harmony. Which the producers of the show chose for us! This was before we were married! And now we are joined in harmony! So cheesy, but so meaningful! 😫


Also harmony means music! Which we don’t even need to explain!! This little man has his own song and that song was released in the middle of some pretty big recent health issues (covid and shingles)! So music got us through and in turn him through the rough last month! 🎶

😸 And since I am a crazy cat lady (it’s genetic)… here’s an update on Winnie and Levi! Winnie is doing well with her new baby brother! She immediately came to greet us at the door when we walked in. She sniffed his face and car seat. She was very gentle and then went off to do cat things! She has been coming in and out of our room to see us and the baby, then goes off again to do cat things! We hope she continues to be this good!!


Thanks for reading this long message❤️


-Leanne, Jordan, Levi and of course Winnie

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