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March 22, 2023 

The master bathroom!

As those of you who follow me on social media know, Jordan and I have a LOVE for real-estate and home renovations! I act as the general contractor on the projects, and together Jordan and I design the homes! We do some of the work ourselves still, but with a little man in our lives we don't have as much time as we used to... so we partner with the best trades to help us get to the finish line! 

Here is the story behind the master bathroom:

This was a fun shower to design! 😍❤️


We wanted to make it feel bigger than it was, while still working within the space we had!


We relocated some electrical to accommodate about 8 more inches of space to the length and 6 inches to the width! 


We knocked out the half wall and replaced it with a full wall of glass to allow more light and make it feel less closed in! 


We added 4 niches and a small corner bench!


We used the same tile on the shower walls and the bathroom floor for a cohesive feel! We used the same tile on the shower floor and the back of the niches but in a mosaic pattern! The mosaic added a bit of variation but didn’t disrupt that cohesive feel we were chasing!


We removed the garden, whirlpool tub in favour of the largest free standing tub we could find! The space looks much more luxurious now!!! Plus we got a bangin’ deal on the tub 🤪


We love chrome! So we ditched the dates gold fixtures and swapped them out for a nice chrome finish 😍

We liked the layout of the existing vanities, so we decided to keep them and just update the countertops, sinks and faucets! We used a paint sprayer to spray the cabinets and cabinet doors. It was tedious work and took weeks to complete as we sprayed one layer on, let it dry completely, then sprayed a second, third etc. Front and back! It gave the cabinets a clean dipped look, like they came out of the factory that way! We will definitely use this method on future projects!

We felt like this bathroom needed a chandelier above the tub. So we moved the 2 existing pot-lights above the tub to accommodate one single centered light. I found this epic chrome chandelier on Facebook Market!!! 


When we were demoing this bathroom we ran into a TON of surprises!! Turns out the previous owner laid tile on top of tile 🤯 so our work doubled as we had to demo not one, but two layers of tile!! It was dusty work! Getting down to subfloor was a chore but so worth it!

-Leanne, Jordan, Levi and of course Winnie

P.S. is it really a completed project if we don’t figure out where Winnie will sleep and where her litter box will go 🙄 As you can tell from the photos, she has claimed that bathroom vanity as her own!! 

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