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April 21, 2024 

“Love Me Still” is part of a forethcoming wedding album, featuring songs that can be used in a wedding setting.

This is my first song to cross over to a few genres. "Love Me Still" lands in Christian, Gospel, Country, Easy-Listening, Singer-Songwriter and Adult Contemporary.

About the song:

When you find your person, they become your everything. They hung the moon in your opinion. The way they love you, changes you for the better. Experiencing a great love for one person is similar to the love of God, a powerful love that perseveres through anything. "Love Me Still" is about how love is the rock that causes you to feel physically still and calm amongst the chaos of life.

The video:

I wanted the video to be as powerful as the lyrics and the song... so we shot the video in the rain!

You will see ghosts of me walking around as I sing the lyrics. The ghosts represent all the thoughts in your head, all the different directions you feel pulled in daily and all the chaos around you. These are different parts of you representing different beliefs.

Near the middle of the video, all the ghosts merge into me, and my dress changes colours from black to red. This symbolizes how we are changed by everything we go through. We may look the same but inside we grow and change.

This is when the rain and storm starts. The rain is an unwanted challenge, which I perform and struggle through. I let the rain wash over me and I surrender to it. After I give up and surrender, falling to my knees, the storm passes and the sun comes back out.

God sees the best in you, no matter what. Anyone who loves you will walk with you through the rain.

Always remember... You are loved no matter what you are going through. There is light at the end of the storm 🙏🏻❤️

Watch the music video here!

Listen or download the song here!


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