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February 18, 2018 

A version of the recent Pop hit "Lights Down Low" by MAX! 

Shot and edited by Karl Weidmann who did the other music videos! It is a one-take video, meaning I sang through it once and we used the live audio and video footage from that 1 take!

Funny story though... of course! Because I'm Bad Luck LP! 

Two people started playing pool in the other room as we were shooting this. So you can hear a crash of a pool ball riiiight before I say the first lyric. (and a few other times in the song, but the first one is the most noticeable!) It distracted me in a few spots and you can see me make a weird face expression!!

After take 1 Karl went out and asked the guys if they could kindly hold off on their intense game of pool for 3 minutes and 15 seconds precisely! They agreed! 

But... turns out we liked take 1 better so my back up singer is a pool ball!!!! 

Now click here to go listen for it... well, and listen to me of course!!!


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