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April 30, 2018 


My real hometown boys (The Winnipeg Jets) were playing my neeeew hometown team (The Nashville Predators) in the First Round of The 2018 Stanley Cup Finals!


I was proudly reppin the Jets and brought the Winnipeg White Out to Nashville... much to the dismise of all the Preds fans!!

I decided to have a little fun with the situation... so I posted ‘Pearson Pre Game Broadcasts’ from outside Bridgestone Arena on game day! Then I did a ‘Pearson Post Game Report’… summing up my experience as a Jets fan in Preds territory! As you can tell from these videos, I had such a blast!

So many fun opportunities came out of me being a proud Jets fan in Preds territory! I got to help paint the infamous Jets plane that the Preds fans smashed outside Bridgestone (I got a lot of heat for this... but hey I had to make sure it was done right)! 

I was contacted by several radio stations and news outlets for interviews… my favourite article is the article in the CBC (Click here to read it)!

What a fun time, and an incredible series!! I can't wait to watch these two teams go head to head again next season!!!! 

P.S. I should probably be a sports or news reporter... right?... k probably not... maybe though?

Click the links below to see the videos on Facebook and Twitter!! ENJOY!!!!!


Pearson Pre Game Broadcast 1

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Pearson Post Game Report 1

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Pearson Pre Game Broadcast 2

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Pearson Post Game Report 2

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