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June 10, 2024 


I wrote this as a surprise for my Dad for our Father Daughter dance at my wedding! It’s hard to put words to such an influential relationship in your life. It’s hard to find the words to express love to someone who raised you and made you into who you are!


I came up with notes and ideas for a while before trying to piece together a song, as I wanted to make sure I said everything I wanted to say! And then one day… I couldn’t stop it, the song wrote itself from there!


I’m so incredibly happy with how this turned out! I love it so much and I’m so happy to have such an important moment in my life feel like it’s frozen in time!


My dance with my Dad was a moment I had looked forward to my whole life!! Since I was a little girl, I pictured that dance! It was a moment I held so dear in my heart, before it even happened! And now I have a song to capture that moment!


✍🏼Song written by me

🎶Production by Robyn Dell'Unto

🎧Mastered by Kyle Dreaden

🎥Video created by Me!

Footage of my Dad and I dancing shot by Shane Hite 

Watch the music video here!

Listen or download the song here!


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