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September 15, 2019 

I'm engaged!!!!

Jordan proposed on the top of a mountain in Alberta Canada! 

We were at Moraine Lake near Banff. We went to just check out the lake, but it turned into a hike (luckily in cute outfits). Jordan kept wanting to go to a specific spot, on top of this mountain! I wasn't too into that idea because we weren't dressed properly! But finally we went.


When we got to the top, the view was spectacular! He says "lets take a selfie"... so we did! Then he says "lets ask this guy in the yellow jacket to take our picture" (he had a professional camera and looked like he knew what he was doing)! 

The guy in the yellow jacket says "how about you walk over that little fence onto the flat ground there, it'll make for a great photo"... Naturally I was hesitant because it seemed dangerous, it was near and cliff and there was a sign that said not to... but he insisted... and Jordan didn't seem worried... so we did! 

The guy in the yellow jacket was holding my phone but says "how about I use my good camera and I can email you the photos"... I'm thinking to myself, I don't know this guy, I don't want him to have my email address, this is crazy! But again, Jordan didn't seem too worried, so I agreed! 

I go to put my arm around Jordan's waist... and he wasn't there. So I turned over to look at him... and he was on one knee!!!!!! He said "Leanne, I love you, will you marry me?" 

So I thought about it for a minute... just kidding... I instantly said "YES"! And kissed him!! 

Turns out the guy in the yellow jacket was a secret photographer that Jordan had hired! The photographer told Jordan exactly where to meet him and which paths to take to get there! Which explains why Jordan kept trying to get me to hike to the top of the damn mountain in cowboy boots and a leather jacket! 

The photographer was waiting for us for an hour. There was no cell service so Jordan couldn't update him on our where abouts or our ETA! He patiently waited for us! He told Jordan that he would wait for two hours and if we didn't show up, then he would leave! So Jordan was a bit eager, but somehow kept the secret well, because I had no idea!! 

Naturally I wanted to take pictures of every pretty thing I saw... as Jordan tried to kindly hurry me up! Finally we get to the top of the mountain and Jordan and the photographer spot each other. The photographer gives Jordan a wink and Jordan gives him a head nod!! 


And the rest is history!!


We immediately went into an engagement photoshoot! Again, luckily we were both dressed cute! I had no makeup on and hadn't washed my hair that day... but I didn't care!! The pictures turned out beautifully!

We are so happy!!!!! Thanks for reading our story!


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