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December 5, 2020 

We got married at an Elvis chapel!!!! By Elvis!!!! With our cat as the cat of honour!!! Watch our wedding video by clicking the video link above!


Through all the darkness and uncertainty in the world, our love story has only just begun! It’s a 21st century fairytale!!!! 


Hello Mr and Mrs!!!


Jordan and I got sick of Covid screwing up our plans... so we eloped!!! We still plan on having a big celebration when Covid is long gone! So now.... I get to marry my best friend twice!!!!


I love this guy so much! He is my rock, one of my biggest supporters, my biggest fan, he laughs at all my bad jokes and makes me feel like I can fly!!! 


We wanted to find a way to make this fun and memorable for everyone, including our families who couldn’t be there due to Covid! We live streamed the wedding for our family and friends, who thought we were going to the courthouse to elope! But we surprised them with Elvis!!! Everyone was so excited!! 


We have so much cute video footage to share with you all!! We can’t wait for you to watch the entire wedding as if you were there with us! I guarantee you will cry so many happy tears!!!


This was one of the happiest days of my life! We had SUCH a blast and it was literally the best day!! Despite the darkness of the world right now... we want to spread light, love and happiness with our love story! ❤️


I have always loved Elvis and grew up listening to his music... so getting married at an Elvis chapel feels like it’s straight out of a movie!! 


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