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December 17, 2020 

I have never been so excited to release a song or video before!!!! Never has something come straight from the heart like this! 


This is unlike anything I have ever released! I wrote Miles Away while away from Jordan for over 4 months due to Covid travel bans. I was dreaming of the day we could finally see each other and get married... which you all know has happened!! We are married!!! Yay!!


This song is all about being away from a loved one and not knowing when you'll see them again! I want to spread love and positivity with this song, video and story during this tough holiday season!! 


I am making this song accessible to the hard of hearing and Deaf community through sign language... in honour of my Nana's.

One of my Nana's was deaf and one was blind. They were my best friends and biggest supporters. One Nana never got to hear my singing voice, but she could see me on stage jumping around and having fun! The other Nana couldn't see me but she loved listening to me sing! Together they were the eyes and the ears! It breaks my heart that my deaf Nana never got to hear my singing voice.


Get a Kleenex, because this video and song will hit you right in the heart! Thanks for reading this and checking out my video and song ❤️ 


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