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November 12, 2019 

I'm so excited!!!!!

I won Music Video Of The Year for "Hot Pursuit" and Album Of The Year for "Pull It Off" at the 2019 Manitoba Country Music Awards!!!!!

"Hot Pursuit" was such a fun video to work on!! Big thanks to Karl and Josh for making this idea come to life in such an epic way!!!! 

"Pull If Off" is my first full length album! It was years in the making! Big thanks to my producers Ryan and Danick! And a big thanks to all the writers on this project! It was so cool that Jason McCoy was hosting the 2019 awards shows, because him and I wrote a song on this album!! 

It is amazing to be recognized for a body of work that you put your heart and soul into! I worked so hard on both this video and album!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me :) 

I also performed at the awards show! You can check out the performance here


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