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Leanne has been described as level-headedsweet, funny, quirky, a bit different and very talented. She has a positive attitude and an infectious smile that brightens any room she enters. This country rocker walks on stage with a pretty dress, cowboy boots and a big smile, then shatters your expectations as she tears up the stage with her edgy stage presence

Songwriting is Leanne’s passion. She is a multidimensional writer, writing for other artists and projects, male and female alike. Leanne loves songwriting because it allows her to write about any topic or word... even cats!

In addition to a Top 50, Leanne has had 4 Top 100 songs at Canadian Country Radio as an artist. In 2021, she had the #1 music video on The Country Network in the US and has had videos on CMT and major networks across the globe.

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